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Address to industrial and Organizational Psychologists and HRM professionals: “This book is a great guide.../...and ultimately leads you to more sound material” “With the help of this book, the precedent for courage has been set and we must now follow it. Let’s step up and reclaim our field”
— Paul Kop, MSc, Chair of the Division of Industrial and Organizational Psychologists NIP (the Netherlands)
“Better yet, take the video as a movie trailer, a prequal for this book. In both, Vermeren indicts the pseudoscience and simple nonsense of HR with a devastating selection of promoters’ own words. He then slays them with a Gryffindor sword, fashioned from conceptual
analysis and robust evidence distilled from 15 years of amazingly wide reading.”
— Dr. James C. Coyne, professor Emeritus of Psychology in Psychiatry.
“In Patrick Vermeren’s incalculably important new book, you will find the answers to these questions and many more, and discover the good, the bad, and the partially true in HR programs based on what the best science today tells us, rather than what anecdotes and testimonials say.”
— Dr. Michael Shermer, Publisher Skeptic magazine and best-selling author (Why People Believe Weird things, The Believing Brain, the Moral Arc, Heavens on Earth...)


Patrick Vermeren discusses the reasons for writing his book and the DiSC myth


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Patrick Vermeren (1964) is a Belgian HR professional, writer, journalist, and board member of SKEPP, the Belgian Skeptics organization. Though he has no degree in psychology, he is widely recognized as an expert in HR matters. He has been working in HR since 1998 and has immersed himself in the science of psychology through Open University courses and self-study. He has been invited to publish an article on Jungian typology in a Dutch academic journal (Gedrag & Organisatie) and participated in the research that led to a prominent article on the leadership circumplex for a European academic journal (European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology). He co-authored the academic paper on the leadership circumplex together with academics from the universities of Antwerp (Belgium), Ghent (Belgium), and Amsterdam (the Netherlands). He is also a member of the international association SITAR—the Society for Interpersonal Theory and Research.


Vermeren has been trained by clinical psychologists in two CBT protocols and the interpersonal circumplex. Since 2003, he has headed the scientific department of the company that employs him (PerCo, Belgium). His role allowed him to devote 80 days per year to keeping up to date with the academic literature in his field and to staying in touch with leading academics from around the world. This role and his passion have allowed him to write this HR Dictionary. You can also watch him on TEDx.


This is his fifth book on human resources management and leadership, though only one has been translated into English (Around Leadership. Bridging the Scientist-Practitioner Gap).